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<span >Product Quality</span>

What are Scentchips®? 
Scentchips® are the original fragrance melt. Scentchips are hand made using only the finest ingredients, sourced in the U.S. We use a paraffin and soy wax blend, highly concentrated fragrance oils, and non toxic vegetable dyes. Our product is environmentally friendly, and is a safe and clean way to fragrance your home.

What sets Scentchips® apart from other home fragrance products or candles on the market today? 
Scentchips® revolutionized the home fragrance industry by creating the fragrance melt concept over 33 years ago.  Due to the high concentration of fragrance to wax - Scentchips® are the strongest fragrance melt on the market. We have 72 individual fragrance choices, and over 150 popular fragrance blends to choose from. Scentchips® stand apart from other products by providing our customers the unique opportunity to create their own signature fragrance blends.

How long does the fragrance last?
Our 6 oz. box size provides enough fragrance to last 140 hours in a simmering pot while covering up to 3000 sq ft. When used as a fragrant potpourri, Scentchips will last for over 5 years.

How can I use the product? 
Scentchips® provide the most fragrance when melted in a warmer (tealight or electric). Scentchips® can be used as a potpourri in small rooms, closets, gym bags, lockers, and cars. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, as wax products will melt and can stain fabrics.

Will Scentchips melt in my car?
Scentchips® can make a great car freshener. If you live in a warm climate like we do in Texas, Scentchips® will melt if left in the direct sun. To use Scentchips® in your car, we suggest placing a small sachet of chips under the front seat. Place the chips on top of a protective piece of plastic or other similar material to protect your car floor. Please note, when used in a car Scentchips® will last up to 12 months, depending on the climate.